Inner Strength Essentials

with Kristy Howell

Find Balance and Rediscover your
Inner Strength through Mind-Body Practices

About Kristy

Hello, I’m Kristy, founder of Inner Strength Essentials.
I work individually with clients assisting them on their wellness journey. Through our work together my clients benefit from my love of movement, natural healing, mindful practices and uplifting spirit.  I believe that we need to physically connect with our bodies and feel safe and strong and empowered to tackle the self limiting beliefs that may interfere with our personal growth.


Private Pilates & Yoga

Schedule a Private session to get the maximum benefit from your Pilates or Yoga practice.  Kristy will assess your individual needs and tailor a unique program for you can get results FAST.

Guided Meditation

Are you new to meditation or have tried it but haven’t found a program that works for you?  Kristy will meet you where you are at and create a custom meditation routine that you can do in a guided setting and on your own.

Group Yoga & Mat Pilates

Workout with Friends and Family or Develop healthy habits together!

Create an intimate events for friends or family with Kristy in the setting of your choice.

Essential Oil Wellness Consult

Curious about Essential Oils? Get a custom overhaul of your home and beauty routine to filter out toxic substances and replace them with safe and effective natural solutions.

Custom Events

Do you have an event that you would love to elevate with a health conscious practice that brings peace to the mind and body? 

Let’s chat and see what magic we can create.

Client Testimonials

Kristy Howell is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Her Pilates expertise and compassion have introduced me to exercises that are customized to my needs.  She has put together an exercise regime for me that pushes me to develop my core that is engaging, challenging and even fun.  I love that she tells me what each exercise is doing for my body. She has been able to adapt my routines to any physical injuries or difficulties that I have on the spot.  

I came to Kristy because I had heard of a few other people that came to her and enjoyed it that I trusted. I immediately felt comfortable with her. I don’t love the exercise but I love that I am getting stronger and I’m able to do more things. .  I love that she is always learning and adding to her knowledge and is very well trained. I trust Kristy and feel safe training with her. I want to stay with her forever!

Donna Ayres

I took a group yoga class with Kristy and was immediately drawn to her energy. From there I began taking private Pilates with the intention of strengthening my physical body. What I was not at all expecting was that it started me on a spiritual journey that has snowballed into an openness, inner peace and superpower! She is so gifted in her ability to hold space for people and authenticity.  Kristy introduced me to a whole new world of essential oils and meditation which are now part of my daily repertoire. I have had personal trainers, been in therapy and struggled with a spiritual practice in the past, but since meeting Kristy I have truly become grounded and able to identify with the joy in my life. I am grateful beyond words for the many gifts she has shared. She is a healer… Body, Mind and Spirit!

Ellyn Vogel

MSW, Lifestyle Therapist

While working with Kristy, my overall strength and endurance have increased beyond my expectations.  I have found her to be incredibly knowledgeable and supportive of my journey. She adapts each session to fit my needs and challenges me simultaneously. I thoroughly enjoy our time and look forward to each session.

Margie Juroff